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And Another Thing…!

February 26, 2010

Someone characterized my blog as a rant the other day.  It does seem that it has become an outlet for me to share my unsolicited opinions into the world for whoever wants to read.  Admittedly, not many people do yet, and the lack of pushback on anything I say is like tacit acceptance encouraging me to go further; to write more opinion and less facts.  To say what I damn well please!  And after all, this is a BLOG and by definition is meant to have a personal point of view, to express my own personal voice on the subject matter of my choosing!  Now you’ve made me angry. Oh No! (Shirt rips) What’s happening!  HULK SMASH!  

But seriously, I do feel that I use logic, reasoning and data within my posts and if someone would like to point out an error or refute any of the premises of my arguments; I welcome the feedback.  As I stated in the beginning, the original intention was for this to become a public forum to discuss philosophies and practices in the realm of international development.  Hopefully it will still become that.  There is a learning curve that goes along with starting your first blog and I am just now beginning to give it a public face.  I imagine that as those working in the field discover the blog it will begin to function as intended.  People will leave comments and dialogue will begin.  Right now it is like having a one man debate, so I guess until other people speak up you can expect more ranting and lame pop culture jokes!

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