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Positive News About Water

April 27, 2010

I came across a little tidbit about water in the Economist that sounded a much more positive note that my post from a couple of weeks ago.  Not wanting to see myself as a Debbie Downer all the time I thought I should share this upbeat little article.  It states:

according to the World Health Organisation, some 5.9 billion people, or 87% of the world’s population, enjoyed access to drinking water from an “improved” source in 2008. In other words, those people had water piped to a dwelling, or got it from a public tap or a protected well. Back in 1990 only 77% of the world’s population enjoyed such a luxury.

This is especially impressive considering the world population has grown about by about 1.4 billion over that same time period. 

In related news, more kids are now peeing in pools around the world…

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